Highspot Case Study

Utilized Full Circle Matchmaker to turbocharge their ABM strategy

The Lead and Account Data Problem

As a growth stage company, Highspot was gearing up for its account-based marketing and sales strategy, which entailed enabling smarter account engagement and performance measurement. The company knew it needed to have its lead data connected to account data, starting at the root and foundation: the CRM database. Without connecting leads to accounts inside of Salesforce, the sales and marketing teams could not engage the right leads associated to target accounts. However, fixing this problem manually would require spending hours weekly to maintain data, hours that could be used to engage accounts. The solution had to be technology.


The Technology Solution


Bryant Lau, at the time Senior Digital Marketing Manager of Highspot (since promoted), knew of Full Circle Insights since he was a previous user of Full Circle Insights at a former company. He recognized the need for intelligent technology to save the sales team hours of manual maintenance of lead and account data weekly. Moreover, he needed to track and measure performance of accounts through the full funnel. Knowing its legacy in providing the best in class for funnel metrics inside Salesforce, Bryant turned to Full Circle Matchmaker. Matchmaker’s intelligent matching automated the connection between leads and accounts, in bulk and continuously. Matchmaker was built specifically with self-customizable rules to ensure lead matching could be configured to fit a company’s lead flow and business process.


The Results


With Full Circle Insights, Highspot can now:

  • Give sales reps a headstart with a database of leads connected to accounts, ready to engage
  • Roll-up all engagements across individual buyer personas to the master account
  • Ensure coverage of the account across the buyer group and any gaps with personas at the account


Highspot was able to focus its sales and marketing teams on revenue-generating activities, rather than maintaining its CRM. Marketing efforts could finally be hyper-focused on individual accounts. Moreover, the whole organization created visibility into account performance and metrics to better steer its account-based strategy. 


Download the full Highspot Case Study to see how Matchmaker enhanced 3,000 accounts with matched leads.

“Matchmaker is a foundational element to our Account-Based Sales & Marketing efforts. With it, our sales team can now save countless hours per week and our marketing efforts can now be hyper-focused on individual accounts.”

Bryant Lau

Director, Growth Platforms and Analytics, Highspot

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