Gender Equality At The C-Level: Is It Possible?

Sales Lead Management Association, with Bonnie Crater, President & CEO, Full Circle Insights

Inspired by Patty Murray, formerly of Intel, Bonnie Crater, CEO of Full Circle CRM, recently wrote an article about taking a play from the NFL. Combine these thoughts with those of Patty Murray about gender equality at the executive level, especially the C level, we have some work to do.

Some thoughts from Patty that Bonnie & Susan discussed.

How do you feel about these:

  • Ambition – and how it’s expressed – often looks very different in women.
  • Isolation affects women’s advancement more than we think.
  • Intentional, tailored development and flexibility is critical.
  • Women don’t want to be singled out as technical females.
  • How do these resonate with you? Do you agree, disagree?
  • What is your company doing to address the imbalance in this area? Is it enough?
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