Fuze Case Study

Fuze gained full funnel visibility and marketing ROI confidence

Seeking Visibility and Optimization at a Pivotal Point of Growth



  • Needed to scale marketing through smart budget investment as well as better lead flow visibility to drive efficiencies and growth

Award-Winning Results:

  • As a result of architecting a new foundation for marketing reporting and re-orienting its organization towards scaling revenue, Fuze won the SiriusDecisions Return on Integration award for Demand Creation. The implementation of Full Circle Insights was key to the company’s success through new visibility into business performance and insights that continue to drive decision-making in marketing and sales.


Fuze, a high-growth company that had quadrupled in size in a single year, was facing an inflection point where it needed to scale its sales and marketing. The marketing team needed performance reporting and an understanding of how marketing activities impacted revenue. On the sales side, Fuze’s large lead queue required better management to ensure thorough lead follow-up and efficient utilization of its business development reps (BDRs).


The Right Technology Solution


Emily Ketchum, Senior Manager of Global Marketing Operations at Fuze, knew of Full Circle Insights since she was a user at a previous company. She and her team chose Full Circle Insights since the solution was a native application in Salesforce, could enable a single source of truth for performance reporting and lead tracking, and had the ability to show marketing contribution to sales pipeline.


Creating Visibility, Predictability, and Actionability


With Full Circle Insights, everyone believed the data. Fuze was now able to:

  • Generate accurate reports to comprehensively assess the health of its lead lifecycle. Marketing was able to show a 6x increase in marketing contribution to sales pipeline in two quarters
  • Evaluate the ROI of marketing programs (for example, various third-party lead vendors), with comparisons of conversion rates and contribution to new sales pipeline in order to optimize ROI
  • Create predictability in BDR performance (e.g., # of meetings set), empowering the organization to hold BDRs accountable to SLAs and diagnose conversion performance of their leads
  • Turbocharge its account-based marketing strategy shift by comparing target and nontarget account performance, helping to monitor and validate Fuze’s target account strategy and approach


How Fuze Operates Going Forward


Fuze was able to generate marked improvements in efficiencies and optimize investment dollars by creating visibility into KPIs and trends for better decision making across the marketing organization. As just a few examples of the business results after implementing Full Circle Insights, Fuze now had:

  • 360-degree view of shared goals and SLAs between the marketing and sales teams
  • Real-time insight and monitoring of campaign performance, allowing for timely course correction
  • Operational efficiency, no more hours spent crunching numbers, preparing spreadsheets, and explaining metrics


Download the full Fuze Case Study to better understand how implementing Full Circle led Fuze to win the SiriusDecisions Return on Integration award for Demand Creation.


“With Full Circle Insights, we gained new visibility into where we were performing and what was working. We could make real-time adjustments to improve sales rep performance and confidently invest in the most optimal marketing programs.”

Will Pringle

VP of Global Demand Generation, Fuze

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