Full Circle ABM Case Study

Full Circle ABM Gives Internal Marketing Team the Power to Accurately Measure Their ABM Strategy’s Impact on Pipeline and Revenue


The Challenge: Like most B2B marketers, Full Circle Insight’s internal marketing team uses an account-based marketing (ABM) approach. The team needed a way to track account activation through the funnel and measure the ABM strategy’s impact on pipeline and revenue.  

B2B marketers use ABM because it works — it’s the most efficient way to drive growth. Until recently, effective campaign performance measurement technology designed for ABM wasn’t available. Enter Full Circle ABM, which measures target account activation inside the CRM. But could it quickly improve the internal marketing team’s ABM results? Brianna Perkins, Marketing Director at Full Circle, explores how Full Circle ABM performed for the internal team in the early stages after implementation. 

Full The Full Circle Insights internal marketing team needed a solution that could: 

  • Align marketing and sales on a single source of truth for critical metrics
  • Define and track the account funnel separately from the person-based funnels
  • Identify which target accounts show intent by engaging with marketing content
  • Monitor activity from specific members of a buying group
  • Determine which campaigns helped drive which deals
  • Measure the success of account-based marketing programs all in one place





The Solution: With Full Circle ABM, the internal marketing team was able to automatically map their person-based funnel to the account-based funnel using the framework of the 2021 Forrester B2B Revenue Waterfall.

Full Circle’s internal marketing team was able to use Full Circle ABM to automatically track and map each stage of their account based funnel and ensure correlation with their person-based funnel.The new revenue waterfall segments targeted accounts into candidates and current customers and categorizes targeted opportunities as acquisition, retention, upsell and cross-sell opportunities. 

Perkins notes, “We needed to understand as a team how the demand waterfall, which describes funnel stages in a response- or person-based strategy, maps to the new Forrester B2B Revenue Waterfall. So the team built Full Circle ABM to automatically map this process.”

The Result: Since deploying Full Circle ABM, the internal marketing team gained more insight into campaign performance at the account level, used key metrics to help plan ahead for 2023 initiatives, improved spend allocation, process efficiency and noticed a major uptick in pipeline velocity and conversion rates in the preliminary results. 

As an organization, Full Circle has always been a proponent of close alignment between the sales and marketing teams. But Perkins reports that deploying Full Circle ABM has increased collaboration between the two groups, noting that regular meetings enable team members to build rapport, share knowledge and optimize target account lists, which is “hugely beneficial.”  

The ability to define and track the account funnel separately from person-based funnels and identify which target accounts show intent also directly supports the internal team’s ABM strategy objectives as they monitor activities from specific buying group members, determine which campaigns drive deals and measure ABM marketing success, all in one place.

With Full Circle ABM, the internal marketing team is able to detect target accounts in the funnel prior to activation, monitor activities at the account level and measure campaign success to make better marketing spend allocation decisions.

It’s crucial for marketers to have a single source of truth when it comes to measuring the impact of their account based marketing programs. Without this integration, marketers risk the struggle of scattered data resulting in the inability to accurately measure the impact of their account based marketing programs within the customer lifecycle.”

Brianna Perkins
Marketing Director
Full Circle Insights

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