Complete Funnel Visibility And Reporting

Report on lead volume and conversion with Full Circle Response Management. Gain full funnel visibility, along every stage of your sales cycle.

It’s hard to know how many leads you need to generate every month to hit your revenue goals, and that’s where Full Circle Insights can help.

With the Full Circle Response Management product, you can now get full funnel visibility right inside Salesforce. Full Circle Response Management allows you to report across both leads and contacts to get a clear picture of how many responses are in each stage of your demand generation waterfall.

You see, marketing is not only about how many leads you generate. It’s about how many of your MQLs convert from stage to stage in your funnel towards a closed deal.

Use visibility from Full Circle Response Management funnel reports to make informed adjustments to our marketing spend. Slice and dice funnel metrics by channel campaign type or by individual campaign to see which campaigns are better at generating leads and understand how those leads are progressing through your pipeline. Get early warning signs for conversion issues in your funnel.

With granular volume reports, you can see what responses have stalled progression through your funnel to gain actionable data on which responses need engagement to move to the next stage.

See how Full Circle Response Management can help you get visibility into volume and conversion rates, as well as allow marketers to get granular and actionable visibility into the outcomes of every response in your database. Schedule a demo today.

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