B2B Marketing Metrics to Impress the C-Suite

In this episode of the Green & Greene Show, the LeadCrunch B2B podcast, seasoned marketing experts discuss B2B marketing metrics with Bonnie Crater. 
  • Introducing Bonnie Crater, President & CEO of Full Circle Insights 
  • Supporting Better Marketing & Sales Alignment 
  • How Measurement Helps Marketing Speak to the C-Suite
  • Best Practices Using The Full Circle Method 
  • The Demand Waterfall & Three Must-Haves
  • Necessary Complexity: Why Sales Needs to Be Part of the Framework
  • Funnel Metrics & The Do’s and Don’ts of Futurecasting 
  • Attribution & Funnel Metrics: Understanding What’s Working
  • Marketing Operations & the Data Champion
  • Why Your Ability to Effectively Report Hinges on Your Sales Cycle 
  • Getting Started With Full Circle 



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