AppDynamics Case Study

Enabled marketing and sales to report on the same data in Salesforce

Powerful Funnel Analytics Aligned Marketing and Sales



Marketing and sales funnels not aligned causing management to seek insights into:

  • Knowing how each marketing campaign influenced opportunity creation
  • Visibility into sales follow up on MQLs
  • Marketing operations’ reporting that is incomplete and inaccurate because of the way data was tracked and measured


Full Circle Insights enabled marketing and sales to both report on the same data in Salesforce.

  • Sales follow up on MQLs increased 100%
  • 100% more visibility into SLAs
  • Data consolidation builds trust from sales and exec teams
  • Fewer leads drop out of the funnel
  • Ad-hoc reports can be done with ease


The CMO at AppDynamics needed insight into the business results of marketing campaigns but he had no visibility into sales follow up on MQLs (marketing qualified leads) or how each campaign played a role in opportunity creation.


Business Challenge


AppDynamics tracked marketing and sales funnels separately with no data or reports linking them. Since the marketing management had no access to funnel data after marketing’s lead hand-off to sales, the sales and marketing teams were unable to synchronize their activities to optimize revenue. More specifically, the marketing team couldn’t see how its MQLs influenced opportunity creation or if sales disqualified those leads and why. In addition, the marketing operations team experienced huge challenges in generating campaign performance reports because of the way data was tracked and measured. Below are some additional key issues:

  • All leads (including list imports) defaulted to an opened status—there was no process to create leads with pending statuses or build to MQL thresholds driven by lead scoring or other factors.
  • Marketing’s lack of insight into sales follow up on MQLs prohibited it from understanding the outcome of its campaigns.
  • AppDynamics’ strict use of linear marketing and sales funnels prevented disqualified leads from going back into nurture stages, causing them to fall out of the funnel.
  • Marketing could not easily generate meaningful reports with existing data in Salesforce®.


Full Circle Insights Transformed Funnel Reporting and Aligned Sales and Marketing


After AppDynamics implemented Full Circle Insights’ Response Management solution, the data tracking and reporting in Salesforce was completely transformed. Marketing and sales now both report on the same data, in the same place, enabling marketing to see exactly what drove sales.

AppDynamics’ marketing team now has:

  • Increased its insight into sales follow up on all MQLs generated by 100%.
  • 100% more visibility into sales Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and which sales people are “being fed.”
  • Marketing and sales data in the same place, instilling trust in the marketing data from sales and the executive teams.
  • Decreased number of leads falling out of the funnel due to lack of sales engagement by 100%, enabling those leads to be put back into a nurture stage rather than being disqualified.
  • A powerful reporting infrastructure within Salesforce to generate ad-hoc reports with ease.
  • Access to the end-to-end results of its marketing programs to understand which campaigns drive opportunity creation and revenue


Download the full AppDynamics Case Study to learn how they increased sales follow up on MQLs by 100%. 


“Working with Full Circle Insights allows us to fully leverage our Salesforce implementation and make sure we measure the impact of every response and activity along the sales funnel. With more accurate intelligence on what drives sales, we can now invest where it will make the biggest impact and continue to drive strong growth.”

Niel Hildebrand III

Director of Marketing Operations and Analytics, AppDynamics

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