Many marketers don’t know that Campaign Member statuses in Salesforce can have a huge effect on the accuracy of campaign reporting. If you’re new to Salesforce or tired of seeing the wrong member status values on campaigns, Full Circle Insights has the answer. Define and set campaign member statuses once and for all by campaign type and never worry about them again.

Easy Campaign Member Status is 100% native on the Salesforce1 Platform and is available as a standalone product.

Default Member Statuses Defined by Campaign Type

Customize the default member status values for all your campaign types. Automatically apply status values whenever a new campaign is created.

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Member Status Values Defined Over Time

Add, remove or edit campaign member status values and their “responded” states or re-order values any time. And they can be instantly mass-applied to all campaigns of the same type.

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Mass Update Existing Campaigns

Standardize your data and reporting in one fell swoop by simply mass updating your existing campaigns with your newly defined member status default values. Get uniform campaign member statuses across all your marketing data and reports.

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Built Natively on the Salesforce1 Platform and available on the AppExchange

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The Easy Campaign Member Status manager from Full Circle Insights is hugely helpful to marketers using Salesforce. It’s very easy to use and makes sure campaign reports have the highest quality data.
Jon Russo Founder, B2B Fusion Group

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