Full Circle Insights was founded in 2010 on the idea that you shouldn’t need a PhD in statistics to understand what’s happening with your marketing campaigns. We think it should be easy for you to get bullet-proof data that is credible throughout your organization, and over the last several years, we’ve been pleased to learn that hundreds of companies agree.

As we’ve grown, we’ve learned a lot by working with customers to optimize their marketing mix with funnel metrics and attribution to achieve ROI more quickly. And now we’re going to put that knowledge to work for you in a new way by offering the Full Circle Marketing Analyst Service. That’s just one of the exciting changes we’ve got planned.

In May, we expanded our team to drive martech innovation, welcoming Liz Kao as Vice President, Products; and Rochelle Richelieu as Vice President, Customer Success. Michael Korch joined us more recently, bringing his strong demand generation experience as a 3 time Full Circle customer. 

Adding our new teammates’ valuable experience to the mix served as a catalyst. As I’ve said for the past few years, I don’t think it makes sense for every Silicon Valley company to take the “unicorn” approach to growth. I’d rather focus on delivering real value to customers through innovation and help them accelerate ROI. I think that works better for customers — and for Full Circle Insights.

So, with that goal in mind, we’re distilling everything we’ve learned from hundreds of customer engagements into the Marketing Analyst Service program. We’ll partner with customers to build processes that deliver value more quickly, making sure they have the funnel metrics and attribution resources they need to generate ROI more rapidly.

Our Marketing Analyst Service helps customers get to revenue more quickly by providing direct access to experienced marketing operations people. As part of the program, we translate the trends in marketing campaign results into recommendations for future planning. And we’re providing new reports and strategic dashboards that map to marketing and business objectives.

We’re also expanding the availability of our Digital Source Tracker, a product that’s been in beta testing since we launched it with a select group of customers in May. Digital Source Tracker is unique — it provides a way for marketers to capture anonymous digital touches and track engagements all along the customer journey. This lets marketers optimize their mix and allocate resources more effectively. Starting in September, all customers will have access to Digital Source Tracker.

Since we got our start back in 2010, our commitment to customer success has been unwavering. By helping clients succeed, we’ve grown at a rapid clip and learned so much along the way. I’m incredibly excited about this next phase of our growth, when we will apply what we’ve learned in new ways and roll out products and services that deliver fresh insights in an economy where insights are truly the most valuable business currency. We’re thrilled that you’re with us on this journey.

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