New Features for Marketers in Salesforce Summer ‘14

The release preview for Summer ’14 has been available for a few weeks and now that we have had a chance to get our hands on things and test them out here are the 3 salesforce summer 14feature improvements that will benefit marketers most.

Salesforce1 Mobile Reporting Enhancements

Mobile reporting is definitely nice. While I do most of my reporting at the desktop there are occasional times when I find it useful to check on my data on the road. Salesforce1 mobile has done a really good job of making this a relatively painless process—however, until Summer ’14 there was no way for you to drill down into the underlying data for your charts.

This is a huge improvement because it allows you consume some of the more dynamic reports that change on a daily or weekly basis and tend to highlight specific records that need attention.

Pinning Report and Dashboard Folders

Summer ’14 adds the ability to “Pin” favorite report and dashboard folders to the top of the reports and dashboard browser. This continues the trend of making it easier for administrators to organize the system data in a way that is useful for end-users. This feature in particular is extremely helpful as it allows users the ability to highlight the folders they use frequently.

Task/Activity Improvements

Summer ’14 introduces some changes to Activities that really improve the quality of life for users who wish to report on activities. Activity Relationships help bridge the reporting gap across activities and users.  You can also, finally, use the Activity Date in formulas and validation rules—an issue that has been suggested in the ideas community for quite some time.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the full release notes from salesforce here as well as check out the new features in your developer sandbox.

Luke Duncan

About Luke Duncan

Luke is Product Director at Full Circle Insights, responsible for product strategy, vision, and roadmap. He is a Certified Administrator and previously he worked at Nuvation Research Inc integrating IT and Marketing tools.