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Today’s post comes from Taylor Jennings.

A few months ago, Ethan Hale of Fact Company narrowed down four marketing trends of 2014, including how marketing is becoming more mobile-centric and highly automationautomated. In this aspect, more marketers are compelled to come up with fresh ideas to speed up operations, especially in producing quality products and results – signaling the need for marketing automation.

The potential of automating your marketing strategy is described by Information Systems Marketing President Barton Goldenberg as “outrageous.” In an interview with Destination CRM, Goldenberg said that “if you can better segment your markets, understand the consumer, help the salespeople and work with customer service, you can become that much important within the company.”

To gain an advantage over the competition, modern marketers need to automate their marketing tactics, but need to remember that while doing this it is important to not lose focus of the basics:

Have a clear vision

Similar to any automation initiatives, it’s important to be well-versed on the issue and the solution. The main things to consider are the time needed for leads to reach the salespeople or the absence of metrics to measure your campaigns. Despite the abundance of technological services, Goldenberg said in the same article that you must identify the key areas where you can get the quickest gains. Take note, however, that they’re not always the easiest areas to deal with. But when done right, reformation gives the highest return, in the shortest possible time.

In this case, Principal Consultant Troy Reimschisel of PrincewaterhouseCoopers said that you must not lose sight of the bigger picture, despite attending to the immediate needs. Instead, stick to the basics of your main marketing campaigns, and establish minor promotions to provide the best customer experience.  Plus when setting up your CRM or marketing automation solutions to track and measure the efforts of your programs make sure to have the end in mind when it comes to reporting.  Think about the metrics that make the most sense and drive the most value for your business and set up your systems to capture and report on those.

Make the calls

In the words of Demand Gen Report’s Chris Hardeman, “this process generates well-qualified leads that have displayed buying intent.” Thus, you need to conduct personal interaction with your prospects, as opposed to making cold calls in an attempt to sell your services.

Hardeman gave two tips when it comes to making the calls:

· “Remove the blindfold”

This involves your ability to identify the person you’re making a transaction with. Thankfully, most automation software is equipped with customer intelligence dashboards that gives users the ability to know which types of content are highly accessed, viewer interests, and the actions they take after reading content.  But you should take it one step further.  Don’t stop at website analytics, take your reporting to the next level by tracking response data in CRM solutions like Salesforce to understand how every campaign plays a role in closing deals and moving prospects through your funnel.

· Maximize visitor tracking alerts

Visitor tracking alerts allow you to know when to make the right calls. This feature determines when a user browses your website and set alerts when they’re browsing a specific page, giving you the right time to make the sales call, and letting you know exactly what content to follow up with.

Invest more on performance-driven content

Paul Roetzer of the Content Marketing Institute said that automation at work is best achieved by crafting “tech-savvy, performance-driven content.” In identifying marketing opportunities, having a well-designed content strategy allows you to determine the right set of audiences, identify core goals and values, and write the most compelling articles – establishing your true label.

But, how can you plan a good content strategy? On Twitter, Wise Marketing encouraged its followers to draw inspiration from Forbes Contributor Jason DeMers’ 50 content marketing ideas. DeMers said that investing in quality, defining your ideal persona, and providing a real-time list of industry statistics and research are some of the successful marketing strategies you can include.

Spice up your campaigns with new ideas

To fast track all marketing efforts and the responses from your audience, here are some tips and ideas you can execute:

· Sending thank you notes

With your automation software, you can set up automatic thank you emails, triggered when a customer or prospect downloads an asset. By blending your automation strategy and your daily activities, you’re able to keep loyalists happy and satisfied. After all, customer satisfaction is the essence of establishing a business.

· Timed messages

Whether through email or SMS technology, you can introduce new products or services by providing a series of timed messages. This is a great opportunity to show how your products are being used under different situations. It’s a good tactic for educational institutions, financial organizations, and software companies.

These are just some tips to help your company succeed as you think about moving towards a marketing automation solution. Just remember that from time to time, it’s worth going back to the basics to make sure that your marketing strategy still makes sense. And of course don’t forget the important marketing metrics that can help you make decisions to optimize your marketing mix and drive revenue moving forward.

Blogging about technology and business, Taylor Jennings knows a lot about using online tools to bring a business to success. He enjoys covering newly released marketing tech solutions on his blog entries.  For more tips, contact Taylor on Twitter.

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