Marketers and Data Scientists – Business Storytellers

Marketers have become more like data scientists with all of the information available to track and measure in systems like

Salesforce or marketing automation tools.  This has been a trending topic for a while, but what about the other way around?  I read a post last week on Adobe’s site called Today’s Data Scientists – More Marketer, Less Scientist that made me think about how this goes both ways.

Marketing is all about telling stories.  Whether its building a great campaign to get more leads for your sales team or coming up with amazing branding and positioning for your products – telling a good story is at the core of all of this.  More recently though people in marketing operations have begun telling stories with marketing data.  How campaigns performed across different market segments, whether or not a company should continue spending on certain marketing programs, how sales works with marketing’s leads, etc.

Data-driven insights like those tell the story of how your company’s marketing efforts are performing and how well aligned your company is.

The work marketing operations does is often very much in line with what data scientists do – finding trends within large amounts of data that explain why things happen.  However instead of focusing on marketing (and maybe sales) trends data scientists often look at information across every department in a company as well as external data.

Once data scientists have their models and algorithms up and running and have captured the insights needed to explain trends, then they have to craft the story that explains their findings.  In that sense they are very much like marketers because the story is driven by the data behind it.

So as data scientists and marketing blends more and more in the B2B world we should continue to think about we can learn from each other to drive revenue and help our companies grow.

Josh Rosenberg

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Josh earned his MBA from Santa Clara University's Leavey School of Business in 2012 with a concentration in Marketing Management. Previously he worked in marketing at Zscaler, Inc. and is currently the Marketing Manager for Full Circle Insights.