Leverage Marketing Technologies to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Forbes magazine recently published the 5 Trends Your Marketing Team Should Budget For in 2015.  It talks about things like inbound marketing, website optimization, and thought leadership – all of which are very important.  But to me the key trend is leveraging new technologies to stay ahead of the curve, and the most important technologies that marketers must adopt to be successful in 2015 are marketing analytics solutions.  Without accurate metrics and analytics showing the true results of your marketing efforts how can you expect to fully optimize your inbound web traffic, determine what campaigns to run to drive business, or even plan out your 2015 budget with confidence?

In fact I would say that before investing in any other marketing technologies, or new demand generation initiatives, make sure that you can accurately track and measure the results of your marketing campaigns.  If you don’t have confidence in your data or can’t get the visibility into your marketing performance that you need then take a step back and invest in marketing analytics.

And the best place to invest in to start tracking your marketing analytics is actually your CRM system (we use Salesforce) for many reasons:

1. By tracking marketing and sales data in the same platform it drives sales and marketing alignment by providing one source of truth for not just sales and marketing but also finance, the executive team, etc.

2. It enables you to drill down into all the underlying records in the reports you generate to get the most granular view of what is actually happening.

3. Marketers can see the entire lead lifecycle and understand what happens to all the the leads they generate from each campaign when they get handed over to sales.

4. Your marketing and sales metrics will match up leading to more confidence in the programs marketing is running and enabling marketing to get a seat at the revenue table.

So before you start budgeting out your 2015 marketing initiatives take a step back and think about investing in marketing analytics technologies.  When used properly these tools will increase your marketing confidence, enable you to plan more strategically, and drive revenue from your allotted budget.

If you want to learn more about how to enhance your marketing confidence with analytics and reporting, check out our webinar with Demand Gen Report to give you a better idea of what marketing metrics you can track to drive revenue, align sales and marketing, and stay ahead of the curve.

Josh Rosenberg

About Josh Rosenberg

Josh earned his MBA from Santa Clara University's Leavey School of Business in 2012 with a concentration in Marketing Management. Previously he worked in marketing at Zscaler, Inc. and is currently the Marketing Manager for Full Circle Insights.