It’s Sales + Marketing, stupid!

“Bridging the sales and marketing divide.”  Ok so some of us are a bit tired of that phrase but it’s still an issue at most companies. I was recently talking with Wayne Cerello, Managing Partner of, and his theory is that marketing can bridge the divide by providing good messaging for sales.  I agree with that, but good messaging isn’t enough in my view.  What VPs of sales really want is for marketing to provide a reliable, sustainable, predictable source of leads for sales.  They want the marketing machine.

Here’s our recipe for building the marketing machine:

  1. Establish a set of good performing programs.  (OK, easier said, than done…)
  2. Measure the results and focus efforts on the best performing programs.
  3. Establish a monthly run rate for conversions to opportunities and revenue.
  4. Identify factors that may alter results such as seasonality.
  5. Use the data to predict number of opportunities per month and ultimately revenue.
  6. Re-allocate budget to higher performing programs.

Sure, this seems simple but it’s often hard to execute. And there’s wide variation between companies on what and how to execute.  Good marketers find the sweet spot of what works well.

As a Salesforce Marketer, what’s more important to your success? Good messaging or good leads?

Bonnie Crater

About Bonnie Crater

Bonnie is a 5-time VP of Marketing at Genesys, Netscape, Oracle (Network Computer Inc.), Stratify, and VoiceObjects. While valuing the creative side of marketing, Bonnie's real love is marketing operations -- measuring marketing investments and determining investment optimization. Now as CEO of Full Circle Insights, Bonnie is working to help fellow marketers get the data needed to succeed. In 2000, Bonnie was named one of the “Top 20 Female Executives in Silicon Valley” by San Jose Magazine. Bonnie holds a B.A. in biology from Princeton University.