Getting Sirius About Your Funnel Metrics in Salesforce

One of the most critical issues for modern demand generation professionals is having the ability to track, measure, and understand the results of your complex marketing and sales new siriusdecisions demand generation waterfallprograms in your company’s CRM solution.  The primary need for this is pretty obvious, without being able to understand key metrics like the volume, conversion rates, and velocity of your marketing and sales programs you will not be able to figure out what is working or how to get the most out of your marketing spend.  The other, maybe less obvious reason, is that you need accurate marketing metrics in your CRM solutions so that the sales team has visibility into them and so you can accurately keep track of everything in one place.

SiriusDecisions took this idea to a whole new level with their new demand generation waterfall methodology where they break out all of your demand generation efforts into marketing, sales, and telesales funnels.  Tracking all this data can be tricky since most CRM and MA (Marketing Automation) solutions are not set up out of the box to do this, but with Full Circle Insights’ Marketing Performance Management application enterprise companies are now able to completely operationalize and measure the new SiriusDecisions demand generation waterfall right inside of their instance.

Don’t believe it?  Well let me introduce you to Bulldog Solutions.  Bulldog has successfully used our application to do this exact thing right inside of  You can read more about this in a recent blog from Denis Pombriant discussing the use case and in this blog post written by our CEO, Bonnie Crater.  The point is the ability to implement this methodology is actually here and as a marketer I am very proud and excited to be a part of the company that is paving the way to make this happen.

We are thrilled to be part of the 2013 SiriusDecisions Summit in San Diego this week, so swing by our booth and also check out our customer case study with Mashery in breakout room 14 on Wednesday either at 9:50AM or 10:45AM about how we helped them implement and measure the SiriusDecisions waterfall inside

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