San Mateo, CA — Full Circle Insights, Inc., makers of comprehensive marketing performance measurement solutions, today made available an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Reporting Package for current customers. The team also announced details of their next planned release, coming this winter. These additions expand upon the current Full Circle Insights marketing measurement solutions and ABM capabilities.

Full Circle’s Reporting Package pre-packages ABM measurement capabilities inside Full Circle Response Management as well as provides a step-by-step guide to customizing reports and dashboards. The ABM Reporting Package helps customers fully leverage Full Circle Response Management’s ABM capabilities and get up-and-running with actionable ABM insights. The reporting package is now available to Full Circle customers.

The company’s forthcoming Winter Release includes Full Circle Matchmaker, a solution for sales, revenue, and marketing ops managers that enables Account-Based Marketing, Account-Based Selling and Account-Based Analytics through lead-to-account matching, conversion, and routing. The product will be showcased October 4-7 in San Francisco’s Moscone Center in booth #2015 and made available in beta soon thereafter. The application automatically links Leads to Accounts, converts Leads to Account Contacts using customizable rules, and routes leads to the correct prospect owners to enable targeted engagement. Full Circle Matchmaker is a 100% native Salesforce application built as a plug-and-play product that integrates seamlessly with a company’s established business processes and allows a customer to install the product, gain comprehensive account visibility, bolster Account-Based Marketing measurement and start strategic Account-Based prospecting straight out of the box.

“Account-Based Marketing is much more than a new buzzword. ABM is a complementary approach to Response-Based Marketing, which focuses on the activities of individuals at companies that signal their propensity to buy,” said Bonnie Crater, Full Circle Insights president and CEO. “Full Circle Insights offers both ABM and RBM measurement solutions, and most marketers are going to need and want the ability to measure both approaches. Without RBM, you are unable to do full inbound marketing and prospecting.”

Any organization doing Account-Based Selling, Marketing, and Measurement needs a holistic view into the engagements with individuals across a given company. The complexity arises when leads are created. Connecting the Leads to Accounts requires manual work that is very tedious and is, therefore, often foregone altogether leading to duplicate or inappropriate engagement with prospects, as well as lack of account visibility. Full Circle Matchmaker automates the process of matching Leads to Accounts in a way that fits the unique selling process of any business. With the full visibility into each account, marketing and sales teams can strategically engage and target accounts with unified messaging and communications to accelerate and close deals. With lead records connected to accounts in Salesforce, a business can measure its account-level prospecting performance across the organization and become strategic about its account-based marketing and selling.

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