Full Circle Digital Source Tracker Is a New Technology That Extends Full Circle Insights’ Product Suite to Empower Performance Marketers to Confidently Optimize Their Marketing Mix

Full Circle Insights, a leading sales and marketing performance measurement solutions provider, has announced the upcoming release of Full Circle Digital Source Tracker. Full Circle Digital Source Tracker is a new capability of the Full Circle Insights product suite that captures digital engagements, including anonymous touches, from a marketer’s wide array of digital channels to measure the effectiveness of their online campaigns as part of the customer journey and help marketers better allocate marketing spend.

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Additionally, Full Circle Insights is also announcing the availability of a product Beta program for select customers.

Built 100% on the Salesforce App Cloud, Full Circle Insights’ products complement leading marketing automation solutions.

Bonnie Crater
Bonnie Crater, President and CEO, Full Circle Insights

At the time of this announcement, Bonnie Crater, Full Circle Insights President and CEO, said, “Performance-driven marketers need to measure digital marketing effectiveness in order to evaluate how and where to spend marketing dollars. Today, these marketers have challenges in capturing anonymous digital touches from prospects and tracking those digital engagements throughout the customer journey to their ultimate outcomes, especially revenue.”

Today, the clicks from digital advertising, social channels, and other online sources are still unconnected to the leads inside the CRM that eventually respond to a marketing campaign and become a sale. Full Circle Digital Source Tracker technology pairs a prospect’s anonymous digital touch to the identified, responding lead right inside the organization’s revenue reporting system of record.

Bonnie continued, “Right now there is a war for the system of record and islands of information are being created by single-sided martech solutions. We firmly believe that a true system of record needs to include the whole marketing and sales equation. Without both sides, you only have half the picture.”

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Bonnie added, “With all marketing data stored alongside sales data inside the CRM system, organizations can choose the optimal set of marketing campaigns and sales activities to achieve company goals.”


Ross Graber
Ross Graber

Ross Graber, Senior Research Director, SiriusDecisions, said, “Best-in-class performance requires B2B marketers to deeply understanding the effectiveness of their efforts to engage with buyers.”

Ross added, “To fully optimize performance, this understanding must extend across all parts of the buyer’s journey, including the traditionally opaque parts of the process, where demand may be active, but difficult to associate with named individuals. Companies that can gain this level of visibility are well positioned to make meaningful adjustments and drive superior results.”

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Full Circle Insights is making Digital Source Tracker available in a Beta program for current customers. New functionalities they will utilize include digital first touch tracking, UTM data capture into Salesforce, and dashboards and reports for evaluating digital campaign effectiveness. The Beta program will be made available in Q2 2018.

Currently, Full Circle Insights delivers marketing and sales performance measurement solutions to optimize a company’s marketing mix and drive more revenue. The company offers multi-touch attribution, comprehensive funnel metrics, and lead management technology.

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