Dreamforce: the children of the Salesforce.com revolution

It is clear that CRM has come a long way over the last 2 decades.  Starting as Salesforce Automation (SFA) Siebel owned the space for many years but then Mark Benioff had a crazy idea to put SFA software on a Website, then an entire CRM suite, and today we now call this style of running applications “cloud computing.” As a former Oracle exec, Marc’s dream was to put a database in the sky, to make a platform for all sorts of applications (not just CRM), and the Salesforce platform was born. Now thousands of applications run on the Salesforce platform including Full Circle Insights.

Stuart Lauchlan chronicled a great story about the roots of Full Circle Insights, born of Oracle and salesforce.com heritage.  Check out “Dreamforce: the children of the salesforce.com revolution.”

Josh Rosenberg

About Josh Rosenberg

Josh earned his MBA from Santa Clara University's Leavey School of Business in 2012 with a concentration in Marketing Management. Previously he worked in marketing at Zscaler, Inc. and is currently the Marketing Manager for Full Circle Insights.