Full Circle Customers


 Full Circle Insights is a powerful tool that allows us to report on the key funnel metrics that drive our marketing strategy. With attribution reporting, we understand which campaigns are most influential to pipeline and which programs are driving the greatest ROI. Best of all it’s seamlessly integrated with the Salesforce products we use everyday.

Tyler Lessard
VP Marketing

Full Circle Success Stories

“I don’t have anything negative to say. The product and support are great. Am grateful for solutions such as Full Circle Insights to help meet the important challenge of have better insight for building pipeline and increasing revenue.”

Kurt Keesy

Director, Demand Generation and Marketing Operations, Lightbend

“Full Circle allows me the ability to see the return from our multi-channel marketing campaigns within Salesforce.com in a way that allows for in-depth analysis that would not be possible otherwise.”

Michele Hsu

Chief Marketing Officer, Stone Street Capital, LLC

“FCI provides us with the the necessary architecture to achieve a complete understanding of what our funnel looks like, understand conversion rates and gaps, identify precisely what campaign and team sourced the funnel trip and opportunity, and the ability to see what the funnel looked like at any point in time.”

Ryan Schwartz

Vice President of Marketing, MongoDB

“We had a reporting chasm: inquiries were in marketing automation and MQLs were in SFDC and no one could see across these two. This made our lead scoring model a “black hole” that inquiries disappeared into. Now we can see the full funnel from inquiry to closed-won in SFDC and better understand where and why things aren’t converting over into MQLs.”


Patrick Slavin

Director of Web Strategy and Marketing Technology, PTC

“Can’t live without this in Sales too, not just Marketing…[What do you like best?] Aligned funnel reporting between Sales & Marketing that accounts for deficiencies in Salesforce.com’s native Lead-to-Opportunity model. Our reporting doesn’t break in a multi-touch model where we could be working with Contacts, not just Leads.”


Jason Paquette

Director of Sales Operations, MongoDB

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