When is First Touch Most Important?

Campaign attribution is a popular topic these days. Marketers often find themselves in baffling discussions of which campaign response is most important for a multi-touch customer journey – first touch or last touch – or something else? This raises the question of when is first touch the most important? I... Read more ›

The Heartbleed Marketing Challenge

As CTO, my scope of operations can be fairly broad. Sometimes it involves exploring the latest technologies. Last week it involved annoying everyone in the company with demands that they change their passwords on various web sites and services, based on the latest information on the Heartbleed vulnerability. I assume... Read more ›

Simplifying the Waterfall for Marketing

When I first saw the SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall, I was enamored. Cool!  Finally someone had started to describe how B2B marketing works and created a set of best practices. And it was simple – 5 stages from the top of the funnel to the bottom.  So we learned 3 new... Read more ›

Campaign ROI vs Campaign Influence

As the marketing community is increasingly pressured to commit and be held accountable to specific revenue numbers, we have seen an emergence of new marketing focused metrics intent on tracking and measuring whether or not marketing teams are meeting their committed quotas to revenue. As a result, we have a... Read more ›

Tackling Omni-Channel Marketing

Ayaz Nanji wrote a really nice article on MarketingProfs this month where he provided some information about how CMOs Are Struggling to Master Omni Channel Marketing.  These sorts of articles are great for people like me who like to propose solutions to problems teed up by surveys. The article highlighted a... Read more ›

The Essential Modern Marketing Role

I came across an interesting article on Hubspot’s blog the other day called 7 Essential Roles of the Modern Marketing Department.  It basically described the key types of people that you need on any given marketing team in today’s complex marketing environment to succeed.  The roles range from the visionary... Read more ›

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