Top 5 Reasons to Attend Circulate 2017

I’ve been in the Salesforce professional services world for what feels like an eon, mostly working with Sales Ops, Admins and Developers. In my early days as a Salesforce Admin, I actively avoided marketers. They were always asking for things that were difficult to deliver in Salesforce. They used terminology... Read more ›

What I Learned at Revenue Summit

Revenue! ABM! Customer Success! Sales and Marketing Alignment! Those are some of the key phrases on everyone’s lips at Pier 27 in San Francisco at the 2017 Revenue Summit for the past two days. It is language that we have all been living for the past three years, but I... Read more ›

Setting Up & Measuring Closed-Loop Reporting

Featuring guest blogger Jennifer Igartua from Bluewolf. I often get asked how closed-loop reporting (CLR) really works, what a marketer has to do to reap the benefits, and why is there so much buzz around this hot topic? Closed-loop reporting gives marketers insight into which of their marketing efforts are... Read more ›

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