The Martech Desert Island: A Thought Experiment in Building Your Stack

When psychologists survey Americans about their driving skills, most people rate themselves above average. Mathematically, most people can’t be above average. Still, “illusory superiority” is a consistent phenomenon in psychological studies. Whether you ask people about driving, health, IQ, memory, or popularity, they tend to overrate themselves. That brings me... Read more ›

GDPR Overview for Salesforce Admins & Developers

Disclaimer: Any concerns over data that you or your company collects should be discussed with a lawyer. This blog post is meant for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon for legal advice. With the European Union’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) enforcement date of May 25th fast... Read more ›

Is Martech a Failure?

With the emergence of marketing automation solutions in the last 10 years, the automation of the last department in B2B companies has truly begun. Today over 6,000 martech startups have emerged to address many niche aspects of marketing automation and populate Scott Brinker’s B2B martech landscape. I had an investor... Read more ›

Blockchain for Marketing and Salesforce

At the recent TrailheaDX conference, Marc Benioff discussed how he learned about Blockchain, and that he hoped Salesforce would have some kind of blockchain strategy by next year’s Dreamforce. Since then I’ve been asked what this might mean for sales and marketing. Will there be a way to use blockchain... Read more ›

Point-Based vs Percent-Based Attribution – Why Point-Based Attribution is More Fair

Salesforce Campaign Attribution allows marketers to accurately attribute the influence of their Marketing/Sales campaigns to revenue. While there are many different attribution models out there, we’ll explore the difference between a Percent-Based Attribution Model vs a Point-Based Attribution Model in this post. I will also explain why everyone should adopt... Read more ›

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