Campaign ROI vs Campaign Influence

As the marketing community is increasingly pressured to commit and be held accountable to specific revenue numbers, we have seen an emergence of new marketing focused metrics intent on tracking and measuring whether or not marketing teams are meeting their committed quotas to revenue. As a result, we have a... Read more ›

Lead AND Contact Nurturing

I really love this blog post by our friends at SiriusDecisions because it not only highlights the importance of nurturing to your entire database, but also because it offers a framework and keys to success on how to effectively nurture to your Lead and Contact database.  In true piggy-back fashion,... Read more ›

Prospecting To Your Entire Database

As salespeople we know we cannot rely solely on leads from marketing to help us achieve quota.  We’re in a competitive role, carry high quotas, and need to be proactive as well as resourceful in finding additional revenue opportunities.  Hopefully, we have an existing Contact/Lead database that is actively nurtured... Read more ›

Leads and Contacts OR Leads VS. Contacts

I’ve recently encountered much debate and curiosity regarding best practices around Lead vs Contact usage in Salesforce.  While in some cases organizations will have certain divisions of their sales teams work exclusively in leads, we see other organizations that have moved their entire sales process to exclusively utilize Contacts in... Read more ›

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