Buying vs. Building Your Marketing Solutions – Evaluating the Costs of Custom Software Development on the Platform

If there is commercial software available that solves even part of a problem you are facing, it is almost always far less expensive to purchase the solution than to build one yourself.   Every software vendor, no matter what the application, will occasionally hear from a prospective customer something along... Read more ›

Welcome to

Do You Speak Salesforce? Have you ever tried to explain to someone what you do, only to find their eyes glaze over as if you were speaking a foreign language? It’s very possible that you were. Every profession has its own language. I know when I first started working with... Read more ›

The Joys of Staying Native in Salesforce

We live in a connected world. That’s the cliché, right? Applications talk to each other, exchanging data, performing complex tasks seamlessly – at least, that’s the promise. The reality doesn’t always match up with the hype. It may seem curious then, that we’ve designed all of our applications to date... Read more ›


This is a post about marketing – though it may not seem like it at first. Last week I was at the Salesforce MVP summit. It’s a chance for 150 or so of Salesforce’s “most valued professionals” to get together, engage with Salesforce, and eat good food. While at the... Read more ›

Who Owns Your Salesforce Org?

In my last blog post I noted that while the challenge of marketing and sales “alignment” is often addressed (or is at least a topic for complaint), the challenges of aligning marketing with IT and development can be just as significant. One place where this comes into play has to... Read more ›


I’m sitting at Dallas Love Field waiting for a flight. Yesterday I spoke at the Dallas Salesforce developer’s group, and it got me thinking. At our recent Circulate conference, I learned more about the problem of alignment between marketing and sales. But what about the alignment between marketing and development,... Read more ›

Exploding Kittens?

Sometimes a piece of marketing comes along that just leaves you in awe. Imagine if you will that you have an idea. You do a quick mock-up. You then start a marketing campaign in which you ask people to buy your non-existent product. They know it doesn’t exist. You’re asking... Read more ›

Bringing Home the Bacon

As CTO, I may not be a marketer, but I sure am the target of marketing. Though not an expert, I can spot a marketing failure – especially when I’m the target. Case in point: I arrived at work today to find a priority mail envelope of unknown origin. On... Read more ›

Not so Thanksgiving

Sometime between Halloween, the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season, and New Year’s day, the unofficial end of the holiday shopping season, lies the holiday of Black Friday, which lasts for eight days before, and eight days after a day formerly known as Thanksgiving, but now increasingly known as... Read more ›

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