Blockchain for Marketing and Salesforce

At the recent TrailheaDX conference, Marc Benioff discussed how he learned about Blockchain, and that he hoped Salesforce would have some kind of blockchain strategy by next year’s Dreamforce. Since then I’ve been asked what this might mean for sales and marketing. Will there be a way to use blockchain... Read more ›

Buying vs. Building Your Marketing Solutions – Evaluating the Costs of Custom Software Development on the Platform

If there is commercial software available that solves even part of a problem you are facing, it is almost always far less expensive to purchase the solution than to build one yourself.   Every software vendor, no matter what the application, will occasionally hear from a prospective customer something along... Read more ›

Welcome to

Do You Speak Salesforce? Have you ever tried to explain to someone what you do, only to find their eyes glaze over as if you were speaking a foreign language? It’s very possible that you were. Every profession has its own language. I know when I first started working with... Read more ›

The Joys of Staying Native in Salesforce

We live in a connected world. That’s the cliché, right? Applications talk to each other, exchanging data, performing complex tasks seamlessly – at least, that’s the promise. The reality doesn’t always match up with the hype. It may seem curious then, that we’ve designed all of our applications to date... Read more ›

Who Owns Your Salesforce Org?

While the challenge of marketing and sales “alignment” is often addressed (or is at least a topic for complaint), the challenges of aligning marketing with IT and development can be just as significant. One place where this comes into play has to do with who is responsible for your company’s... Read more ›

The Heartbleed Marketing Challenge

As CTO, my scope of operations can be fairly broad. Sometimes it involves exploring the latest technologies. Last week it involved annoying everyone in the company with demands that they change their passwords on various web sites and services, based on the latest information on the Heartbleed vulnerability. I assume... Read more ›

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