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Full Circle Insights Launches Campaign Attribution, an Analytics Solution that Measures Campaign Performance and Marketing’s Impact on Revenue

AUTHOR   Rohit Roy   •   May 18, 2016   •   No Comments
Marketers Now Given the Most Comprehensive and Innovative Revenue Attribution Product to Make Marketing Budget Decisions with Confidence San Mateo, Calif.: Full Circle Insights, Inc., makers of comprehensive marketing performance management solutions, today announced the release of Full Circle Campaign Attribution, a marketing analytics solution that provides data-driven marketers with... Read More ›

The dangers of misaligning your marketing budget with business goals

AUTHOR   AZADEH WILLIAMS   •   May 16, 2016   •   No Comments
Marketing leaders and analysts stress importance of aligning marketing spend with your overall company vision In today’s fast-paced, competitive marketing environment, mastering the marketing spend is becoming a finely tuned art. Gartner’s CMO Spend Survey 2015-2016 revealed marketing budgets are actually increasing, with focus on social marketing, analytics, customer experience... Read More ›
HR Morning

The surprisingly simple interview question this CEO always asks

AUTHOR   Christian Schappel   •   May 13, 2016   •   No Comments
HR pros and hiring managers never stop looking for that next great interview question (nor should they). Well, here’s one that may be worth adding to your must-ask list — if you agree with the CEO’s reason for asking it.  First, here’s the question: “What hobby is important to you?”... Read More ›
The Drum

Three major marketing mistakes – and how to avoid them

AUTHOR   Bonnie Crater   •   May 11, 2016   •   No Comments
The practice of marketing has changed dramatically over the past 20 years, and I’ve been fortunate to witness the transformation while serving as a marketing executive for some of the world’s leading brands. The rise of digital marketing platforms has certainly been a gamechanger from the customer-facing marketers’ perspective. But... Read More ›

The 1 Requirement Every Employee in Your Company Should Meet

AUTHOR   CHRISTINA DESMARAIS   •   April 25, 2016   •   No Comments
This Silicon Valley CEO won’t bring anyone on board without it. Last summer, Goldman Sachs made headlines when the investment banking firm announced it would no longer allow its interns to pull all-nighters during the week, dictating that they must be out of the office from midnight to 7 a.m.... Read More ›
Chief Marketer

Top 3 Tips for Optimizing Your Marketing Strategy

AUTHOR   Bonnie Crater   •   April 4, 2016   •   No Comments
An effective marketing strategy is the key to customer acquisition and retention, which is in turn essential for business success. Marketers use a variety of techniques to drive new business, including eye-catching product design, compelling content and cross-selling opportunities. But it can be difficult to identify which elements in the... Read More ›
The Next Web

Are unicorns on the verge of extinction?

AUTHOR   Bonnie Crater   •   April 4, 2016   •   No Comments
It’s clear that public markets don’t always share Silicon Valley’s sunny optimism at IPO time. One recent and much-discussed example is flash data storage company Pure Storage, which raised $425 million in its highly anticipated IPO but then fell back to earth on the first day of trading, when the... Read More ›

10 Challenges CEOs Will Face in 2016

AUTHOR   Brittney Helmrich   •   March 14, 2016   •   No Comments
Each year, CEOs face new and different challenges in order to keep their companies running smoothly. From adapting to new technological advances and political changes to recruiting top talent in a changing job market, CEOs have a lot to deal with. Now that 2016 is in full force, we asked... Read More ›

A victim of the dot-com bust shares five pieces of advice for startups caught in today’s ‘bubble’

AUTHOR   Jillian D'Onfro   •   March 7, 2016   •   No Comments
You can still hear the wince in Bonnie Crater’s voice when she talks about Zelerate, the ecommerce software company she ran between 1999 and 2001. During the dotcom boom, the company raised about $15 million and burned through most of that money on growth, fully expecting that it would easily... Read More ›

What Every Business Leader Can Learn from Ellen DeGeneres

AUTHOR   Bonnie Crater   •   February 21, 2016   •   No Comments
Ellen DeGeneres once said, “It’s failure that gives you the proper perspective on success.” I agree. It’s no fun to pour your heart and soul into an endeavor only to see it fail, but the lessons you take away from the experience can make future success possible. I learned this... Read More ›