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60 Second Marketer

How Marketers Can Claim a Seat at the Strategy Table

AUTHOR   Bonnie Crater   •   November 21, 2016   •   No Comments
Here’s an understatement: People who have been marketers for 15 or more years have seen their profession utterly transformed. The pace of change has been positively dizzying: We’ve had to learn to use new tools. We’ve had to become fluent in a new professional language. And we’ve had to embrace... Read More ›
Customer Think

8 Types of MarTech Tools Every Demand Marketer Needs

AUTHOR   Triniti Burton   •   October 3, 2016   •   No Comments
Marketing technology now accounts for 33% of marketing budgets, according to Gartner’s CMO Spend Survey 2015-2016. B2B marketers specifically are investing heavily in tech to automate processes, engage new audiences, gain insights into marketing’s effectiveness and deliver increasingly innovative customer experiences. But there are literally thousands of marketing tools to... Read More ›
Demand Gen Report

Full Circle Insights Launches ABM Reporting Package

AUTHOR   Brian Anderson   •   October 3, 2016   •   No Comments
Full Circle Insights, a provider of marketing measurement solutions, unveiled a new ABM reporting package within its Response Management solution. The company said the new reporting tool enables users to customize reports and dashboards within the Response Management solution to gain ABM insights into inbound marketing campaigns.Full Circle also said... Read More ›
Martech Advisor

Full Circle Insights Introduces Account-based Marketing Reporting Package to Extend its Current ABM Capabilities

AUTHOR   Shabana Arora   •   September 28, 2016   •   No Comments
San Mateo, Calif.: Full Circle Insights, Inc., makers of comprehensive marketing performance measurement solutions, today made available an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Reporting Package for current customers. The team also announced details of their next planned release, coming this winter. These additions expand upon the current Full Circle Insights marketing measurement solutions... Read More ›
Entrepreneur & Fox News

Why Women Entrepreneurs Have a Harder Time Finding Funding

AUTHOR   Jared Hecht   •   September 28, 2016   •   No Comments
Women entrepreneurs run 30 percent of all small businesses, and together employ 7.9 million people and generate $1.4 trillion in sales (as of 2015). Needless to say, these are pretty staggering numbers. All that success is wonderful. However, there exists an underlying issue that is keeping women from being even... Read More ›

Billion dollar baby: Jessica Alba’s Honest Company is her real entrepreneurial star vehicle

AUTHOR   Angelo Young   •   September 28, 2016   •   No Comments
Jessica Alba’s Honest Company does more than sell diapers — it provides inspiration for women entrepreneurs Jessica Alba earned her fame and fortune on TV and in blockbuster films over the past decade, but her business credentials catapulted to superstar level. Earlier this month, Unilever began talks to buy The Honest Company,... Read More ›
60 Second Marketer

4 Things You Can do to Get Your Marketing and Sales Teams Working in Harmony Again

AUTHOR   Bonnie Crater   •   August 1, 2016   •   No Comments
The ability to harness data and use it to drive sales is the key to success in the data-driven economy, which is why marketing has become increasingly technology-based. Companies worldwide have made significant investments in marketing automation technology, and the number of marketing tech vendors has increased exponentially to meet... Read More ›
New America

Why Companies Should Encourage Working Hard but Playing Harder

AUTHOR   Bonnie Crater   •   June 30, 2016   •   No Comments
Working in a competitive industry like the tech sector requires an enormous commitment of time and energy. And working at a technology company in Silicon Valley, the epicenter of startup culture, can consume every waking hour if you let it. You shouldn’t let it. Not only does all work and... Read More ›
Demand Gen Report

Rise In Multi-Touch Attribution Fueled By ABM, Data Convergence

AUTHOR   Audrey Goodson Kingo   •   June 15, 2016   •   No Comments
For many of today’s B2B marketers, success is no longer measured by generating leads at the top of the funnel. Increasingly, marketing execs are responsible for creating campaigns that lead directly to revenue — a shift being propelled by advances in multi-touch attribution technology. While research shows that many B2B... Read More ›
Demand Gen Report

Full Circle Launches New Solution For Campaign Measurement And Impact

AUTHOR   Klaudia Tirico   •   June 13, 2016   •   No Comments
Full Circle Campaign Attribution is a marketing analytics solution designed to provide data-driven marketers with the information to make marketing spend decisions by measuring their campaigns’ performance and impact on revenue — all inside Salesforce. FEATURES/FUNCTIONALITY The Full Circle Campaign Attribution solution is designed to provide both out-of-the-box attribution models... Read More ›