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3 Strategies for Keeping Your Marketing Job in the Age of AI

AUTHOR   Barry Levine   •   August 11, 2017   •   No Comments
Tools powered by artificial intelligence don’t care whether they replace you. So, here are three spaces they can’t fill — at least not for a while.   Artificial intelligence-based marketing tools can now learn, predict, personalize, strategize, make decisions, take action, provide insights and create content. So, what can human marketers... Read More ›
Martech Advisor

Top 3 Signs that Your Marketing Analytics Solution Isn’t a Good Fit

AUTHOR   Bonnie Crater   •   June 19, 2017   •   No Comments
Bonnie Crater, CEO of Full Circle Insights discusses how to evaluate their marketing analytics solution, marketers should ensure that their system’s data matches sales’ numbers, make sure that they have maximum funnel visibility and confirm that the system provides access to numerous attribution models The use of marketing technology (martech)... Read More ›
USA Today

Can Uber really change?

AUTHOR   Marco della Cava   •   June 16, 2017   •   No Comments
SAN FRANCISCO — Uber now has 47 detailed recommendations from an exhaustive internal investigation on how to overhaul its company culture, from making its board more independent to keeping records of human resources complaints. Now comes the hard part. Most change management experts agree that a corporate make-over is impossible without an... Read More ›

Athletes Encouraged To Apply: A few traits athletes bring to the table

AUTHOR   Bonnie Crater   •   June 3, 2017   •   No Comments
Company cultures are either built intentionally or spring up spontaneously in a vacuum. Leaving company culture to chance is a risky proposition — leaders are much better served by putting thought and planning into creating a culture that reflects their values and advances their business objectives. One core component of... Read More ›
CIO Magazine

How to empower women on Mother’s Day and every day

AUTHOR   Sharon Florentine   •   May 18, 2017   •   No Comments
Sunday was Mother’s Day here in the U.S., and while it’s a nice reprieve — I get to sleep in — it always brings out the cynic in me. Oh, goody — one whole 24 hour period when moms’ contributions to the world are recognized. That’s supposed to make up... Read More ›
Demand Gen Report

Full Circle Launches Reporting Dashboards For Response Management Customers

AUTHOR   Klaudia Tirico   •   May 8, 2017   •   No Comments
Full Circle Quick Dash and the Full Circle Method provide Full Circle Response Management customers a structured set of reporting dashboards and an instructive framework with guidelines and use cases to jumpstart actions for smarter marketing decisions. FEATURES/FUNCTIONALITY Quick Dash pre-packages four distinct dashboards based on day-in-the-life activities and needs of today’s... Read More ›

Full Circle Insights Adds Interactive, Analytic Dashboards

AUTHOR   Jess Nelson   •   April 20, 2017   •   No Comments
Full Circle Insights released two new solutions to its marketing management platform on Wednesday to help enterprises evaluate their data and ensure consistency between sales and marketing departments, which are now available on its platform, Full Circle Response Management. Full Circle Quick Dash is a set of analytic dashboards, while... Read More ›
MarTech Advisor

Full Circle Insights Launches New Capabilities for Customers

AUTHOR   Shabana Arora   •   April 19, 2017   •   No Comments
San Mateo, Calif.: Full Circle Insights, Inc., makers of comprehensive marketing and sales performance management solutions, today made available two new capabilities for Full Circle Response Management customers – Full Circle Quick Dash and The Full Circle Method.  The company’s Quick Dash is a structured set of reporting dashboards, enhanced... Read More ›
San Francisco Business Times

Here are the winners for this year’s Best Places to Work

AUTHOR   Riley McDermid and Lynn Peithman Stock   •   April 14, 2017   •   No Comments
The list is out: Here are the Bay Area companies that are the finalists of this year’s Best Places to Work in the Bay Area. The rankings of each of these 130 Bay Area companies will be unveiled on April 18, this upcoming Tuesday evening in San Francisco. Click here... Read More ›

Promoting Gender Diversity in the Technology Field

AUTHOR   Jason McDowell   •   April 10, 2017   •   No Comments
While things have come a long way since the 1950s, Silicon Valley still struggles with attracting and retaining a diverse talent pool, with women making up only 30 percent of the technology workforce. Despite a STEM talent shortage that may be at its worst level since before the Great Recession, according to... Read More ›