Why We Are Seeing A Rise In Marketing Analytics Jobs

There was a great article in Forbes last week by Daniel Kehrer, the “Chief Content Officer” at Marketshare, called Analysis Shows Jump in Marketing Analytics Jobs.  The main Datahypotheses from this piece (based on a study that was commissioned with icrunchdata) were that companies are starting to hire people with more “big data” specific skill sets and marketing organizations are getting better at defining their analytics needs and thus hiring people with those skills.

Big data is a term that gets thrown around a lot (and I really mean a lot) – but for many companies this still seems like an abstract concept.  Mckinsey published an interesting report back in 2011 on the topic that describes big data in the intro as “analyzing large data sets”, which is a pretty good way to look at it.  The problem has been in the past that many companies have had the information needed to discover trends in their programs but didn’t necessarily understand the value in doing so.  In fact leveraging big data to make marketing decisions has been more of an art then a science to many enterprises in the past – and one of the changes that has come about since 2011 is that now companies are realizing they need more marketing scientists who can work with the data that is stored in their CRM and marketing automation solutions like salesforce.com, Marketo, and Eloqua.

It makes complete sense from a revenue generation perspective or from a profit margins perspective because within all the “big data” companies have compiled lies many nuggets of information that can help close deals faster, eliminate bottlenecks, cut costs, and most importantly validate all the programs Marketing is running.  CMOs are starting realize this and building marketing operations teams that know how to find critical information inside of CRM and marketing automation solutions such as which campaigns influence the most new deals based on specific product lines, geographies, or industry verticals.  Or the simple ROI of each marketing program.  Or even the volume, conversion rates, and velocity of all responses through the Marketing and Sales funnels.

Leveraging big data is important for the success of any company today, but in order to maximize its value, especially for Marketing and Sales, companies need people with solid analytics, reporting, and other data-driven skills who are good at finding those key pieces of information that can speed up deal velocity and generate more revenue for the company.

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