Why the Marketing Cloud is Great but Not Enough

The unveiling of Salesforce.com’s Marketing Cloud at Dreamforce not only shows just how far social media has come in the professional world but also brings validation to marketers who have long been seen as merely another tool to generate leads for their sales team.  The Marketing Cloud is intertwining sales and marketing in a whole new way by building out more functionality in Salesforce to engage with consumers and businesses through social media, bringing more to the table for Salesforce.com marketers.

Marketers using Salesforce.com will be able to employ Radian6 to engage and listen to users via Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs (among many other social media outlets) and even build their own social media pages and content with BuddyMedia.  I am very excited Salesforce.com is getting on board with the social media revolution and empowering marketers using its solution to run social media campaigns and engage with their corporate audiences.  However, as most marketers know social media is only one piece of the marketing puzzle.  It is still important to run email campaigns, manage web campaigns, create traditional media advertisements, attend trade shows, etc.  The one thing that all these marketing strategies have in common is that it is critical to have a solid marketing system in place to track, manage, and report on all of them.

Increasing social media marketing is a great way to generate awareness around your company and increase revenue, but if you can’t measure the results properly, ensure the responses are being handled efficiently by the sales team, and show accurate ROI numbers to the executive team most of the energy expended on these projects will be lost.  The bottom line is everything to CEOs and if they are unable to see the results from all your efforts in social media marketing (just getting “likes” is not good enough) it doesn’t matter how many people you engage with, you will be on the hot seat.  This is not meant to take anything away from what Salesforce.com has done with the Marketing Cloud, again it is great that marketing is finally getting some recognition from one of the world’s largest sales companies and managing your social media presence can be made much easier with this new tool.

In order to realize the value of this new social media marketing instrument (or any type of marketing strategy) it is critical to have your core tracking, reporting, and response management tools for marketing in place or this and all the rest of your efforts can easily go to waste.  The best way for any marketer to take advantage of the social media marketing opportunities Salesforce is providing us is to ensure you can capture and understand all the information that comes from these campaigns and use it to build even more successful campaigns and responses to the people you engage with.  As many of us have come to say, if it is not in Salesforce it does not exist, so before jumping into the Marketing Cloud make sure that your marketing infrastructure in Salesforce is ready to process all the new information that will run through it.

Josh Rosenberg

About Josh Rosenberg

Josh earned his MBA from Santa Clara University's Leavey School of Business in 2012 with a concentration in Marketing Management. Previously he worked in marketing at Zscaler, Inc. and is currently the Marketing Manager for Full Circle Insights.