Why Data-Driven Marketers Need to Use Salesforce

Ian Michaels, Principal & CEO at Gleanster Research, wrote a really interesting piece last week called marketing_datawhat it means to be a data-driven marketer in 2015.  He highlights a couple interesting items that put the data piece of marketing in perspective as well as touching on some key things marketers should do with their data.  Things like utilizing A/B testing and micro-segmentation with your marketing database.  This may seem easy but it can get tough if you don’t have a good way to capture and analyze the results.

With so much information out there the key thing data-driven marketers need is clean, accurate data.  The best way to achieve this is using your CRM (a.k.a. Salesforce) as the one source of truth for all your marketing and sales data.  Salesforce tends to be the place where sales, finance, and the executive teams already look at data (and is also the source they trust most) and it provides a flexible platform that lets you dig deep into the underlying results of all your reports and dashboards.

Once you have your platform in place step two is making sure you are capturing all the data you need there.  To truly be a data-driven marketer you need to be able to understand the end-to-end results of your marketing campaigns – which campaigns drive leads through the funnel more quickly, or have the best conversion rates.  Which campaigns influence pipeline creation or closed revenue the most across your different market segments.  Being able to move towards hard, revenue focused metrics and away from things like email opens, click rates, or likes on social media is critical.

Once you track and measure all this information then you can truly start micro-segmenting your database to make sure the right message hits the right prospects.  Plus you will be able to optimize your marketing mix to drive more, higher quality leads for sales and influence even more pipeline and revenue with your marketing efforts.

To learn more, download this white paper, which was designed to help data-driven marketers navigate through capabilities inside Salesforce and how to extend them.



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