Update from the 2013 Red Herring Conference

This week I’m in Monterey, California at the Red Herring Top 100 Conference to present Full Circle Insights as we’ve been selected as red herring top 100 north americaa finalist for the award.  This is a very different conference than I expected as I was sure we would be largely among peer companies but in fact we are not – we are an outlier, being much smaller then everyone else. Many companies have more than 100 employees and the average annual revenue is $28 million.

So as a young company we feel incredibly honored to be selected as a finalist for this award.

The conference has had some interesting sessions for entrepreneurs and there are lots of words of wisdom from Alex Vieux, the Founder, Chairman & CEO at DASAR as well as the Owner of Red Herring, including some from this morning. “You only live one life,” he said. “So be sure to pay attention to and take care of your family.”  This is right in line with my personal priority system which is quite simple: family first, job second, hobby third (But you have to do all three).

Alex focused his remarks yesterday to remind CEOs to focus on the customer.  This was interesting to me because it is also completely in line with our company values:

Customer Success
Team First
Financial Success

A final highlight for me was an interview with Asheem Chandna, a fantastic venture capitalist from Greylock. In the interview Asheem recalled a recent Harvard Business Review article which explained the 3 rules for building a successful company.

How to build a successful company:
Rule 1. Focus on top line growth
Rule 2. Focus on what you do better
Rule 3. There are no other rules

Signing off from Monterey.

Bonnie Crater

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Bonnie is a 5-time VP of Marketing at Genesys, Netscape, Oracle (Network Computer Inc.), Stratify, and VoiceObjects. While valuing the creative side of marketing, Bonnie's real love is marketing operations -- measuring marketing investments and determining investment optimization. Now as CEO of Full Circle Insights, Bonnie is working to help fellow marketers get the data needed to succeed. In 2000, Bonnie was named one of the “Top 20 Female Executives in Silicon Valley” by San Jose Magazine. Bonnie holds a B.A. in biology from Princeton University.