Thoughts on Maggie Fox’s “Why Marketers Will Rule the World”

I have to say as a marketer the title of this article caught my eye and before even reading it I thought to myself, I’m going to like this!

The crux of this article is basically that due to the massive amounts of customer data available through many digital access points marketers have gained the power to “to drive business strategy by delivering real-time access to the voice of the customer”.  As someone who manages marketing campaigns and programs for a company that focuses on optimizing marketing efforts and maximizing marketing roi for other companies, this really hits home with me.  Marketers are the conduit between entire corporations and their customers and as more and more of these interactions can be quantified, marketing is able to offer increasingly tangible suggestions to drive business strategy.

The importance of blending the art and science of marketing to make this work is also stressed in this article.  Without being able to mix the analytical with the creative marketers are unable to accurately determine consumer trends, figure out which programs generate the most revenue, or create accurate marketing forecasts.  The ability to drive business strategy hinges on measuring and understanding what happens with your customers – marketing automation solutions (Marketo, Eloqua, etc.) and CRM companies like have made it incredibly easy to track and capture the data needed to do this, but being able to generate proper marketing metrics and analytics from that data on all your marketing programs is where we as marketers really need to unleash our inner marketing scientist.

Essentially what I am saying is yes marketers can rule the world, but too many of us have not made it a priority to put the proper marketing metrics or analytics tools in place that enable us to really understand the critical trends in the marketplace and thus ensuring that we earn our rightful place in the business strategy discussion.

Check out the original article here.

Josh Rosenberg

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