Takeaways from inContact’s Eloqua’s Client Case Studies at SiriusDecisions

First of all I want to say this was a great session.  It was very inspiring to hear how tenacious Michelle Burrows, the VP of Demand Marketing at inContact, was in affecting change in the SiriusDecisionsSales and Marketing organizations to create cohesion and get everyone on the same page. Sales and Marketing alignment is more critical then ever as companies continue to invest more budget into CRM and Marketing Automation technologies.  Without aligning these two organizations it is impossible to maximize revenue generation, truly understand which campaigns are the most effective at bringing in new business, and gain complete visibility into the demand generation cycle.

A couple takeaways from this session to help bridge the gap between Marketing and Sales:

  • Sales and Marketing need to have access to the same data and be able to speak the same language
  • The initiative to re-examine business process and train the Sales team needs to come from Sales leadership, not Marketing
  • Marketing and Sales need to work together as early as possible in the strategic process so it is a complete team effort that works for everyone

Aligning Sales and Marketing can be tough, but if you are tenacious and stick with it the benefits can be staggering.

Looking forward to more exciting sessions today!


Roan Bear

About Roan Bear

Roan is the VP of Customer Success at Full Circle Insights. Roan brings nearly 20 years experience in defining and translating business and marketing strategies into technology implementations.