Take Sales to the Next Level with Accounts and Contacts

Full Circle Insights marketing performance management application allows marketing departments to more effectively structure their portfolio by having clear visibility into the success of each of their campaigns.  What does this ultimately mean for sales? At a high level it translates into more leads as a direct result of effective campaigns.  But sales isn’t linear, is it!?  (Don’t answer that, its rhetorical) We can’t always rely on a constant flow of new leads to qualify and convert into opportunities and eventually closed business.  I know our competitors are leaving no stone unturned – they are constantly looking for new opportunities.  So where do we look when our lead queue is exhausted?  How do we become more productive and competitive?  The obvious answer is to look into our existing database of contacts and accounts.  They present opportunities too, right!?  The reality of the situation though is that the existing contact database goes overlooked and neglected too often.  We may have spoke to this account or that contact six months ago and they weren’t ready for our product, but everyone’s needs change over time.

It is critical to have the capacity to report across leads and contacts so no response goes untouched or forgotten.  This allows sales to work and report on contacts just as they would a lead so they can be more productive and efficient in managing their leads AND contacts.  Just like marketing, sales needs to be able to track complex data on the success of their outbound sales campaigns.  This is especially true for companies that utilize a large tele-sales model as their reps need to track responses across these campaigns just as their marketing department would to achieve greater insight into which are most effective.

Jay Jennison

About Jay Jennison

Jay works as a Corporate Accounts manager at Full Circle Insights and previously worked within the corporate sales division at Salesforce.com. He attended Duke University for his undergraduate and graduate degrees where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in History and Markets and Management and focused the subject of his Master’s thesis on developmental strategy for third-world economies.