Sales and Sports – More Alike Then You Might Think

With the NBA playoffs upon us, I thought about a great quote from Michael Jordan,sales team work

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”.

Every Sales executive wants to win games (closed opportunities), but the goal is to win championships (drive more revenue for the company).   To win championships we need to know what’s working in Marketing, in Sales Development, and across all our Sales teams to generate demand.   We want to replicate successful campaigns and quit spending time on ineffective campaigns.  Good sales leaders are always asking questions to win championships.  What campaigns are driving the most revenue?  Are multiple Marketing and Sales campaigns influencing a sale?  What about email campaigns from Sales Development?  Should we spend more on specific sales campaigns?   How can we drive more revenue?

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to answer these questions when using marketing automation systems or working within Salesforce. Marketing Automation systems can be an important component, but they assume that all leads are from marketing campaigns.  Those of us in Sales know we often have to execute our own Sales-driven campaigns to fill our pipelines in Salesforce.   And it isn’t always clear what campaign influenced the sale.

We are able to answer these questions accurately using Full Circle Insights from within Salesforce.  Our Marketing and Sales teams make more accurate decisions about demand generation.  We review sophisticated Marketing and Sales campaign influence reports, detailed response and waterfall analysis.

Marketers typically purchase Full Circle Insights, because they see the gaps in data and process between Marketing Automation systems like Marketo and Eloqua, and CRM solutions like Salesforce.  But many Sales leaders are also using Full Circle Insights to make better demand generation decisions to drive more revenue.

I can only fantasize about having Michael Jordan-like success, but I do like to win games – and championships.

About Susan Habernigg

Sue Habernigg was Vice President of Sales and Alliances leading the global sales and strategic partnership efforts for Full Circle Insights. Sue has over 20 years of experience in building exceptional sales teams and channel programs including her roles as sales vice president and director at Vitria Technology and Adobe Systems. During her 10 year career at Oracle Corporation, Sue was senior director of the Business Alliances Program and was recognized as a top sales rep on Oracle’s direct sales team. Sue graduated from the University of Southern California.