Reflections on Dreamforce 2013

What a week!  With two expo floors this year, there was certainly curiosity as to how that would effect flow, traffic, etc. for the booth sponsors. dreamforce 2013 reflectionsBut with 135,000 registrations this year, the fact of the matter is that the expo hall looked as busy as ever.  As a sponsor/partner this was a welcome surprise.  Like many others, we were relying on Dreamforce to not only facilitate introductions and meetings with clients, prospects, and partners, but also looking forward to the lead swap as an additional demand generation channel.

Along with the hundreds of Leads collected at our booth, we also received great lists via the aforementioned lead swaps. So what does that mean? Well, in the wake of Dreamforce it means there is lots of work to do.  Your company likely invested quite a bit for an event such as this, so now is the time to make that event pay for itself through the new business that it drives.

But how do we track this?

In some cases, we may want to add the larger less qualified lists into our marketing automation vendor in order to run an outbound Dreamforce follow-up campaign. That being said, you also likely had a variety of personal conversations and exchanged cards with the intent of following up directly.  Now how do we track the outcome of these personal follow ups along with the responses from the larger lists that we are emailing via our marketing automation vendor since they all came from the same event (Campaign)?  In order to completely understand the success of an event such as this, the campaign and associated funnel must be managed and tracked in one space – in

Otherwise, we are left with disjointed reports that will likely relegate us to lots of “fun” time spent in Excel trying to combine reports to achieve some sort of holistic visibility into the event.  In the case that you’re not sure where to start in beginning to track the funnel within we have a great blog post found here to get you on your way.

Finally, these personal, face-to-face meetings are likely extremely fruitful in pushing opportunities farther along in the sales cycle…right? Business intuition and logic says “yes”, but how do we substantiate this and understand if in fact Dreamforce has been more influential than other campaigns associated in closing that opportunity?

For more information, check out our Campaign Influence offering.

Hope you had as amazing a time as we did at Dreamforce and that we’ll see you next year!

Jay Jennison

About Jay Jennison

Jay works as a Corporate Accounts manager at Full Circle Insights and previously worked within the corporate sales division at He attended Duke University for his undergraduate and graduate degrees where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in History and Markets and Management and focused the subject of his Master’s thesis on developmental strategy for third-world economies.