Bad Opportunity data wastes everyone’s time. Getting sales reps to fill in missing data fields or track down critical information after opportunities close is draining. Plus no one likes “directionally-correct” marketing reports. Get more accurate data in your campaign reports and ensure opportunities are automatically created with the correct Lead Source, Contact Roles and product field information.

Opportunity Gatekeeper is powered by Full Circle Insights and 100% native on the Salesforce1 Platform. Although a part of Response Management, Opportunity Gatekeeper is also available as a standalone product.

Enhanced Sales Efficiency and Process

Define Contact or Account fields that automatically pre-populate to Opportunity fields when creating opportunities off Contact records. Standardize how your sales teams create opportunities and ensure all opportunities records are complete.

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Accurate Campaign Attribution and ROI Reports

Create opportunities off people and drive primary campaign association when campaign history is present. Get better Opportunity sourcing and attribution reports.

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Granular User Configuration

Select specific users or profiles in your company and determine whether or not they have to create opportunities off leads and contacts. Or enforce behavior for every single user by simply checking a box.

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Built Natively on the Salesforce1 Platform and available on the AppExchange

What people are saying

Opportunity Gatekeeper is a must have for optimizing campaign association to opportunities so that we can generate better reports, and to standardize how sales creates opportunities.
Rochelle Diodati Director Marketing Operations, E2Open

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