My Interview with RingDNA: What is Marketing Campaign Influence, and How Can B2B Marketers Use It?

I recently did an interview with Jesse Davis over at RingDNA describing what campaign influence is and how modern B2B marketers can leverage it to truly understand the campaign influence marketingimpact of their marketing programs.  You can read the full interview here, but I wanted to share a couple of my favorite highlights:

RingDNA: What sorts of businesses can benefit most from measuring campaign influence?

Andrea Wildt: B2B companies tend to have more complex sales and can be touched by many more marketing campaigns and sales reps. Since the introduction of marketing automation solutions, marketers are becoming more sophisticated in how we budget, plan, generate demand and nurture our prospects as well as opportunities. It has become increasingly important to benchmark every communication or program that touches our prospects throughout the entire sales cycle.

RingDNA: Does the standard influence attribution model have any shortcomings?

Andrea Wildt: One thing to be aware of is that the native Salesforce report attributes 100% of every opportunity value to every touch point. Say I close a $1 million deal. The native report would tell me that all of the touches involved are responsible for $1 million, which just isn’t the case. However, it can still be a good first step for marketers who want to get their feet wet with campaign influence.

RingDNA: What’s an example of a way that measuring influence has helped your business?

Andrea Wildt: Internally, one of our sales reps was convinced that leads from a certain whitepaper weren’t good. So we went in and ran the numbers and saw that, sure enough, that campaign was not good at generating opportunities. But what we did find is that that campaign has influenced a lot of opportunities prior to close. Since it’s a thought leadership piece it helped to give us credibility [prior to sales]. Without measuring influence, we would have abandoned that whitepaper. Instead, we realized that it really does touch a lot of our deals.

Definitely check out the rest of the interview if you want to learn more about how we measure campaign influence in at Full Circle Insights and how you can  get started tracking campaign influence in your organization.

Andrea Wildt

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