Measuring Marketing in the Digital Age

In a recent article for Forbes, Bruce Rogers wrote “the most sought after marketers today are experts in Big Data and Digital Marketing“, essentially saying that these are the kind of marketing analysismarketing professionals CMOs need to look for to take their marketing efforts to the next level. As a marketing professional who also recently finished his MBA this statement rings very true. The marketing work I do is primarily in digital and in the academic world almost every marketing class I took stressed the importance of having a strong digital marketing mix. While marketing has made a strong move from “analog” (traditional advertising) to “digital” (online advertising) one critical issue remains the same: both traditional and digital marketers have to endure incredulity and scrutiny from CEOs, CFOs, and other executives, who challenge them to prove their worth.

The good news is that the push towards digital marketing and leveraging big data has the provided an opportunity for many marketers to accurately show the true value of their marketing campaigns and how they actually affect the bottom line.  Effectively utilizing a mix of CRM, Customer Relationship Management, solutions (, etc.) and MA, Marketing Automation, solutions (Marketo, Eloqua, etc.) is critical to ensuring your digital marketing metrics can measured and reported on properly.  Solutions like these not only help you manage and run your campaigns but they also track the data needed to answer the tough questions that executive teams keeps asking.

Getting these solutions in place is a great first step, but finding the information within the data they have cataloged that you need to prove how much marketing drives revenue and show the true ROI of campaigns is tough.  Whether its finding the right people to leverage these products successfully or finding additional tools that augment these already powerful solutions the choice is yours, but keep in mind that accurately reporting  on and analyzing marketing metrics is an ongoing process needs to grow with your organization.

Josh Rosenberg

About Josh Rosenberg

Josh earned his MBA from Santa Clara University's Leavey School of Business in 2012 with a concentration in Marketing Management. Previously he worked in marketing at Zscaler, Inc. and is currently the Marketing Manager for Full Circle Insights.