Marketing Analytics Improves Both Sales and Marketing

I recently stumbled on an interesting Forbes article about marketing analytics usage by Christine Moorman and while it is about 6 months old I think the messaging still holds a great deal of relevance.  One of the very interesting points offered was the different ways in which marketing analytics can be leveraged.  The article contested that while marketing analytics can deliver evaluative insight that can obviously measure marketing performance and drive better decisions and investments, it also offers a hugely unrealized and profound conceptual benefit.  The article explains that as marketers gain insight into the performance of their actions, they will begin to adapt their behavior to enhance that performance.

For sales, marketing analytics can be utilized to understand and measure the performance of outbound sales campaigns.  Running outbound sales campaigns is wonderful way to uncover that next big fish, but since our time is valuable isn’t it important to understand the success of these campaigns? Even more important though, if we understood some of these insights as sales people we could definitely begin to augment our style, targeting and messaging as well.   Now the benefit of marketing analytics seems two-fold: more qualified leads, as well as a way understand and enhance my selling behavior…and I want that!”

Jay Jennison

About Jay Jennison

Jay works as a Corporate Accounts manager at Full Circle Insights and previously worked within the corporate sales division at He attended Duke University for his undergraduate and graduate degrees where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in History and Markets and Management and focused the subject of his Master’s thesis on developmental strategy for third-world economies.