Market or Marketing?

A lot goes in to figuring out the best way to market a product. The channels available to marketers have expanded with technology, and there’s a tendency sometimes to chase market or marketingthe latest marketing technology. Do you Email? Do you tweet? Is it social? Is it mobile?

Between developing and executing marketing campaigns, and measuring their effectiveness, it’s possible to lose site of the market.

Case in point.

Everywhere you look today you’ll find articles proclaiming the “death of the PC”. And with those proclamations come speculation as to the cause. Some blame tablets. Some blame smartphones. And there’s no doubt that both have impacted PC sales. But in the articles I’ve read on the subject, there’s one piece of technology that I haven’t seen mentioned – the PC itself.

How can PCs cause a drop in PC sales? Think of the market for PCs – the reasons people buy desktop and laptop computers. Now ask yourself how many things you might buy a new computer for that can’t be handled perfectly well by a computer that you may have bought four years ago? This is a key aspect of the market that is rarely discussed – that for the past few years computers have been good enough. Yes, you can buy faster and better machines, but the extra capability is rarely needed or used. And the best marketing in the world has a tough time selling something that people just don’t need.

Dan Appleman

About Dan Appleman

As Full Circle Insights’ CTO, Dan Appleman brings a broad technology experience to our customers. In addition to having supported over 30 implementations with technology solutions, Dan is also the author of the book "Advanced Apex Programming for and" and has been a speaker at Dreamforce since 2012. Previously, he was the founder of Desaware, Inc. a developer of add-on products for Microsoft Visual Studio, a co-founder of Apress publishing, and the author of numerous books and articles.