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March 2013

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Sales and marketing processes are constantly evolving with new technologies and new theories. At Full Circle CRM we understand how tough it can be to keep up with it all. So we decided to keep track of it for you! Check out our best practices for, key marketing tips, and ideas for aligning sales and marketing teams.

Salesforce Best Practices:
salesforce sandbox

Before I helped start Full Circle CRM I worked with many companies and often encountered out of date sandboxes. Mind you, these were often companies that only had one developer sandbox. What this indicates is that the organization is making changes on the fly in production and not necessarily exercising proper QA and forethought in changes they are making . . .

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Marketing Best Practices:
 weighted campaign influence

Traditional Marketing ROI is dead.  This sad and poorly tracked metric for B2B marketers has got to go. Why do I make this seemingly bold suggestion? First is the deal attribution problem — the return or deal value is most often attributed to a single campaign . . .

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From the Sales Team:
disparity between marketing and sales

Recently, I noticed a trend of disparity between the metrics that marketing departments are held accountable for vs. the metrics that are truly meaningful to CFOs and CEOs for decision making purposes.  Understandably so, marketing departments must focus on the metrics that they are held accountable for since this is how performance is measured . . .

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Marketing Update:
challenge marketing

I just finished reading “The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation” by Mathew Dixon and Brent Adamson and midway through had an epiphany.  The concepts from this book apply to a lot more then just sales.  The techniques it discusses to “take control of the customer conversation” in a sales pitch also need to be implemented in marketing messaging so it stands out in the crowded digital marketing space . . .

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In the News:

SAN MATEO, CA – Mar. 27, 2013 – Full Circle CRM announced today the release of next-generation Weighted Campaign Influence within Full Circle CRM’s Marketing Performance Management solution. This powerful feature gives Salesforce marketing users a nuanced understanding of the impact each marketing program makes on a company’s revenue . . .

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