Manufacturing Demand: A Must Read for Salesforce Marketing Users

If you’re a Salesforce Marketing user, you should read David Lewis’s book Manufacturing Demand.  It’s quite a good summary of all the best marketing practices for demand generation that are common among Salesforce Marketing users in Silicon Valley and beyond. The book has many useful sections with practical advice and examples for improving targeting, prospect nurturing, and marketing analytics among others.

Here are some important highlights. As an aside, I was hoping to point you to some online examples at but it looks like that content isn’t quite posted yet so I’ll refer to the page numbers in the book as a backup.

Customer Profiling – Dave uses the term “buyer persona” to describe this activity and he has a really nice chart on page 31 which will help you define your target customer and the projected content offers as the prospect progresses through the sales cycle. Dave tells his own story of successful customer profiling when he was at Ellie Mae and gives a great example of a profile overview on page 30 and the buyer’s stage table on pages 33-34.  It’s my view that the buyer persona needs to be reviewed each year to refine and develop new messaging and content. Furthermore (and here’s my shameless plug) you can use Full Circle Insights to test whether your buyer persona is correct or whether your buyer is really someone else.

Nurture Programs – An important concept presented in the book is that nurture programs can be useful at several stages of the sales cycle. On page 98, Dave shows the points in the funnel where nurture programs are important – during the prospecting activity, during the time after leads fall out of the sales cycle and are being “recycled”, and at the end of the sales cycle for onboarding or upselling. At Full Circle Insights we would add the concept of a nurture time out particularly after a lost deal when the prospect needs a break. Nurture timeouts are fully supported with our product.

Content Curation – I love this term. It reminds me that content is not static and needs constant review and updates. To aid in the content curation process, Dave has another really great chart on page 110 that shows the content that is typical or required at each of the buyer’s journey steps. Very useful.

Marketing Analytics – Page 115 recommends creating a series of slides with charts and reports and to reverse engineer your MA or CRM system to create those charts. Additionally page 119 lists the executive KPIs David feels are essential.  This is where Full Circle Insights comes in.  You can get all this data from our system on Salesforce – funnel analysis, campaign influence, marketing ROI and more.

In summary, Manufacturing Demand is a useful read, particularly for Salesforce Marketing users who are typically marketing to businesses.  B2C marketing often gets the glory with large budgets and marketing products that family and friends can relate to.  But B2B marketing can be a really fun challenge. With longer and more complex sales cycles, marketers can have fun creating great ideas, testing them out, weeding out the programs that don’t work, and investing in programs that grow businesses.

Bonnie Crater

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Bonnie is a 5-time VP of Marketing at Genesys, Netscape, Oracle (Network Computer Inc.), Stratify, and VoiceObjects. While valuing the creative side of marketing, Bonnie's real love is marketing operations -- measuring marketing investments and determining investment optimization. Now as CEO of Full Circle Insights, Bonnie is working to help fellow marketers get the data needed to succeed. In 2000, Bonnie was named one of the “Top 20 Female Executives in Silicon Valley” by San Jose Magazine. Bonnie holds a B.A. in biology from Princeton University.