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Sales and marketing processes are constantly evolving with new technologies and new theories. At Full Circle CRM we understand how tough it can be to keep up with it all. So we decided to keep track of it for you! Check out our best practices for salesforce.com, key marketing tips, and ideas for aligning sales and marketing teams.

Salesforce Best Practices:
    sfdc best practice    

The best practice of capturing the reason why a lead is disqualified is not only very important to maintain alignment between sales and marketing but also an important metric to capture and understand. In addition to capturing this information it is also just as important to measure it against sales and campaign performance metrics . . .

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Marketing Best Practices:
 marketing update

Marketers have access to to an incredible amount of data and the potential to uncover powerful insights about target markets or current customers. Get the most out of your marketing budget by utilizing marketing analytics and marketing metrics to understand which campaigns drive the most revenue and are the most valuable to your marketing mix.

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From the Sales Team:
sales update 2

I’ve recently encountered much debate and curiousity regarding best practices around Lead and Contact usage in Salesforce. While in some cases organizations will have certain divisions of their sales teams work exclusively in Leads, we see other organizations that have moved their entire sales process to exclusively utilize Contacts.

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Marketing Update:
manufacturing demand

If you’re a Salesforce Marketing user you should read David Lewis’ book Manufacturing Demand. It has many useful sections with practical advice and examples for improving targeting, prospect nurturing, and marketing analytics among others. Some important highlights are below . . .

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In the News:

Good Technology uses Full Circle CRM for marketing campaign reporting. The company was having trouble getting detailed funnel metrics across regions and business segments and needed to understand lead flow/velocity and the true number of responses generated by each campaign. Learn how Full Circle CRM enabled Good Technology to have full visibility into all funnel metrics and gain a solid handle on lead converstion rates, velocity, and campaign roi.

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