Invest in Aligning Your CRM and Marketing Automation Solutions

A new study done by Software Advice, an advisor on CRM software called Customer Relationship Management Software UserView 2014 showed an interesting statistic: 42% of CRM users plan to invest in marketing align_crm_and_marketing_automationautomation.  To me this makes sense because for many companies getting a CRM system like Salesforce in place is the first step to getting ready to grow.  Once the CRM solution is set up to be the data hub of an organization, investing in marketing automation is a logical next step.  For any organization to scale its growth effectively having technology in place that can augment its marketing efforts is critical.  In order to generate the demand needed to grow a company purchasing a marketing automation solution makes sense because you can start running sophisticated campaigns, optimize your website for inbound traffic, and really get the most out of your marketing mix.

There is one small problem with this scenario though – while many companies have these two solutions up and running smoothly on their own, all to often they do not speak with each other effectively.  By that I mean the data in a marketing automation system may not get synced back into a system like Salesforce because that CRM is not set up to properly capture all the information that marketing automation tracks.  Then inevitably the revenue and pipeline numbers in both systems don’t match up, the campaign attribution and influence metrics show different amounts, etc.  When the data doesn’t match in your CRM and marketing automation solutions that can start to cause problems because sales thinks one thing and marketing thinks another.

Something to consider when purchasing a marketing automation system is that it may make sense to have a third piece of software that helps ensure that the data in Salesforce (or whatever CRM system you use) matches up with the data in your marketing automation tool.  This helps you align sales and marketing, prevent data silos from popping up, generate more accurate campaign performance metrics, maximize the revenue generated from your sales and marketing budgets, and much more.

The bottom line is this – if your marketing automation and CRM solutions are in alignment you will not only be able to generate more revenue from the enhanced insights into campaign performance you get, but you will be able to streamline marketing and sales processes to save time and money with your demand generation as well.

Josh Rosenberg

About Josh Rosenberg

Josh earned his MBA from Santa Clara University's Leavey School of Business in 2012 with a concentration in Marketing Management. Previously he worked in marketing at Zscaler, Inc. and is currently the Marketing Manager for Full Circle Insights.