Evolution Of The Modern Marketer

What better way to say hello to the New Year than to strike on our nostalgic chords? Who remembers getting their first science project assignment in elementary school? It most likely looked like this . . . Little did we know that this simple childhood joy of researching, establishing the... Read more ›

Marketers – Focus on Data in 2015

Ginger Conlon, the editor-in-chief at Direct Marketing News recently came out with her B2B marketing predictions for 2015 and one in particular stuck out to me: “Data continues to be a focal point.” Marketing data is the driver behind much of what marketing departments want (and need) to accomplish in... Read more ›

Salesforce Admin Tip: Display More Components

As many of you may have experienced, sometimes creating change sets and packages or viewing users or Apex classes can be a time consuming process. Certain pages within salesforce display components but don’t list them all at once. Standard salesforce functionality appears to provide only two options for viewing more:... Read more ›

Bringing Home the Bacon

As CTO, I may not be a marketer, but I sure am the target of marketing. Though not an expert, I can spot a marketing failure – especially when I’m the target. Case in point: I arrived at work today to find a priority mail envelope of unknown origin. On... Read more ›

Why you should invest in marketing analytics in 2015

I was reading Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business August 2014 CMO Survey the other day and noticed two really important trends for B2B marketers: – Digital marketing spend increased while non-digital marketing spend decreased – Spending on marketing analytics is expected to increase 73% over the next three years The... Read more ›

Not so Thanksgiving

Sometime between Halloween, the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season, and New Year’s day, the unofficial end of the holiday shopping season, lies the holiday of Black Friday, which lasts for eight days before, and eight days after a day formerly known as Thanksgiving, but now increasingly known as... Read more ›

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