Webinar: Adapting Salesforce for an Account-Based Strategy

May 2, 2017
10:30AM PT | 1:30PM ET

New Study Reveals Changes in Venture Funding

A recent study by Babson College, revealed some very interesting information about women entrepreneurs and their success in getting venture funding.  Here’s a couple of key excerpts: “In general, women entrepreneurs are majority owners of an estimated ten million businesses, or, as currently reported by the US Small Business Administration... Read more ›

The Danger of High Expectations

Everywhere you turn, marketers talk about the importance of engaging with customers. Whether it’s social networking or customer forums, or interactive websites, customers are increasingly seen as partners to engage with rather than passive consumers. But when it comes to increasing engagement with customers, sometimes you have to be careful... Read more ›

Top 5 Reasons we do Top 5 Reason Lists

My last post, 5 Reasons to go to Dreamforce (that you shouldn’t tell your managers about), followed a very common format – a list of ranked items – a highlights list. Ever since David Letterman invented the top 10 list, the format has spread like wildfire, and it started me... Read more ›

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