I’m sitting at Dallas Love Field waiting for a flight. Yesterday I spoke at the Dallas Salesforce developer’s group, and it got me thinking. At our recent Circulate conference, I learned more about the problem of alignment between marketing and sales. But what about the alignment between marketing and development,... Read more ›

How to Get Sales and Marketing in Alignment

Despite all the technology advancements we have made since the internet became widely adopted there is still a fundamental problem many businesses still aren’t able to solve – sales and marketing can’t get fully aligned.  Chloe Basterfield outlined some key reasons this is happening in a blog post called Why sales... Read more ›

Exploding Kittens?

Sometimes a piece of marketing comes along that just leaves you in awe. Imagine if you will that you have an idea. You do a quick mock-up. You then start a marketing campaign in which you ask people to buy your non-existent product. They know it doesn’t exist. You’re asking... Read more ›

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