Webinar: ABM in Action: Target, Execute, Measure

March 8, 2017
11AM PT | 2PM ET

Marketing is Dead? Really?

Mainframes are dead. Software is dead. And now marketing is dead — at least according to the Harvard Business Review article by Bill Lee . Of course I appreciate the desire for a good headline, and a lot of important business elements have changed over the years. But even today... Read more ›

I have questions…there must be answers?

To truly optimize sales and marketing departments, a system of checks and balances is required to monitor the divergence or intersection between the two departments – the place where qualified leads are passed to sales for follow up.  The problem is many issues tend to come up in this space.  Did... Read more ›

Take Sales to the Next Level with Accounts and Contacts

Full Circle CRM’s marketing performance management application allows marketing departments to more effectively structure their portfolio by having clear visibility into the success of each of their campaigns.  What does this ultimately mean for sales? At a high level it translates into more leads as a direct result of effective... Read more ›

Are Social Analytics Enough?

Last Friday the Salesforce Marketing Cloud unveiled a host of new partners and technologies, including Klout, Lymbix, and Trendspottr among others, to help its users “shift from passively listening on social media to generating business results” (the full blog post is here).  The ability to accurately measure and respond to... Read more ›

It’s All About the Marketing Portfolio

At a SiriusDecisions event last week John Neeson told an interesting story about a CFO at one of the SD conferences.  In the presentation, John was showing off the SiriusDecisions waterfall (some of us call it the funnel) and explaining it to the audience.  After the meeting, the CFO approached... Read more ›

The Evolving CMO Role in B2B Marketing Organizations

Recently I attended a SiriusDecisions seminar where John Neeson, a co-founder of the marketing advisory firm, spoke about how B2B marketing organizations are evolving. “The role of the CMO is changing,” John said. “We’re seeing more people with operational experience. This trend is tied to the movement towards larger participation... Read more ›

Marketing To Spend More than IT on IT?

I recently read a really interesting report from Gartner entitled “By 2017 the CMO Will Spend More on IT Than the CIO.”  It’s not a a brand new report but for someone like myself who’s been selling software to IT people for many years, I thought it was fascinating.  It’s... Read more ›

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