Pretty Little Lies

The following is a true story. At first glance, it may seem to have nothing to do with marketing analytics, but bear with me. One of my first tasks as a junior programmer was to write some software to test hard drives – our company was choosing between two companies... Read more ›

The Holy Grail for Sales and Marketing

A lot of B2B companies are seeking the Holy Grail for sales and marketing.  They want to know what is the most efficient way for customers to learn about and buy their product. In this search for lots of revenue at the lowest cost possible, I’ve sat in many executive staff meetings at... Read more ›

Workflows in Four Dimensions

When you think about implementing a business process in,at some level everything comes down to a series of questions and tasks that take the form: “When something happens, take some action” The action might be a field update, creation of a task, an ownership change, sending an Email or... Read more ›

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