Going Native

There are all kinds of applications available to help you take full advantage of Salesforce in your organization. All of them fall into two categories – outside services that integrate with Salesforce, and applications that are native – that run entirely on the Force.com platform. It’s not always easy to... Read more ›

What’s Your Contact Database Worth?

Are you marketing to your Salesforce Contact database?  If not, you’re not alone. Many sales and marketing operations are very “lead centric” in their pipeline creation activities.  But the value of your Contacts in salesforce.com can be very high. How high?  Let’s explore this. Let’s say you have 25,000 Contacts... Read more ›

Why Velocity Matters

Jason Lemkin wrote a great post last month on Why lead Velocity Rate (LVR) is the Most Important Metric in SaaS. He argues that pipeline metrics alone are not enough to predict if you will hit your numbers due to inconsistent rep behavior and encourages organizations to look at Marketing... Read more ›

What Does Salesforce Tell You?

Last Friday Gene Marks wrote an interesting article for Forbes called What Salesforce.com Won’t Tell You where he explains that the main problem with most CRM systems is not the systems themselves but the people using those systems – how these CRM systems are set up, implemented, managed, etc.  He... Read more ›

Leads and Contacts OR Leads VS. Contacts

I’ve recently encountered much debate and curiosity regarding best practices around Lead and Contact usage in Salesforce.  While in some cases organizations will have certain divisions of their sales teams work exclusively in leads, we see other organizations that have moved their entire sales process to exclusively utilize Contacts in... Read more ›

Marketing Analyics: Moneyball for Marketing

I wrote in a previous blog post, Thoughts on Maggie Fox’s “Why Marketers Will Rule the World”, that marketers have access to an incredible amount of data (similar to the information sports teams have on potential draft picks or free agents) and the potential to uncover powerful insights about target... Read more ›

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