Measuring Campaign ROI

Marketers and executive teams are becoming increasingly focused on the all-important campaign ROI number. The problem with this of course is that in our multi-touch marketing world there is rarely just one campaign responsible for generating an entire opportunity. We’ve gotten so caught up in the idea that ROI is attached... Read more ›

Using Big Data To Bring Marketers Together

Michael Brenner has a great ongoing interview series called the Future of Marketing and the interview he posted today with Steve McKee, Is Big Data The Future of Marketing?, really caught my attention. Steve talks about the “rapid escalation of big data and the tools available to analyze it” as... Read more ›

A Marketing Scientist’s Love for the Data

During this day of celebrating Your Valentine, we are excited and humbled to be written about on 3 terrific blogs this week. Here’s where you can learn more about our company’s passion for the science of marketing. Denis Pombriant, noted CRM analyst, wrote a strong piece introducing Marketing Performance Management... Read more ›

Measuring Inbound Marketing

Peter Caputa wrote a great article called 9 More Reasons To Invest In Inbound Marketing and a few things he mentioned really stood out to me. Inbound Marketing is Trackable Inbound Marketing Efforts Can Be Directly Attributed to Revenue Inbound Marketing Analytics Enable Improvement Over Time In the digital age... Read more ›

Measuring Marketing in the Digital Age

In a recent article for Forbes, Bruce Rogers wrote “the most sought after marketers today are experts in Big Data and Digital Marketing“, essentially saying that these are the kind of marketing professionals CMOs need to look for to take their marketing efforts to the next level. As a marketing... Read more ›

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